BioMed MTC

Biomed MTC, located at the heart of Geneva, is a medical center specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The Cabinet offers acupuncture, phytotherapy, cuppings, ear-acupuncture (auriculo-acupuncture), Tui-Na/Massage, and Qi Gong.

TCM, like western medicine, is in constant evolution to cope with new pathologies, a result of our continuous transforming society. 

Our doctors trained and educated in China would like to work together with the patients to look at their health and well-being on a brand-new angle.

The therapeutic methods used are to understand and treat the cause of diseases, allowing patients to find their way back to the harmony and serenity of their body and soul.

Doctor SHI Lingling and her team are engaged to meet your request at the earliest. 

Biomed clinic collaborates closely with l’Institut Ling Shu de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise and offers its students a practice opportunity of two weeks every academic year.