Our courses

During each academic year, the institute offers its students an opportunity for a tailor-made internship with renowned specialists.

For the students who attend the 5 years program, they have the opportunity to participate in an internship of 15 days in China. They have the option to realize it in one of the following universities who are our close partners in China: Beijing University of TCM, Shanghai University of TCM, Nanjing University of TCM, Chengdu University of TCM and Zhengzhou University of TCM).

Last but not least, the clinic  Biomed MTC Sàrloffers all students a two weeks internship at the clinic each year during their studies. 

The disciplines

Fundamental Theory and Diagnoses:
– Theory of Yin & Yang
– The Five Movements (Wu Xing)
– The Eighth Diagnostic Principles
– The pathology and physiology of substances and the functional relationships between the organs and entrails
– The concepts and therapeutic procedures

4 Diagnoses Methods :
– Tongue diagnoses and observation
– Listening and Olfaction
– Pulse diagnoses and palpation
– Diagnoses through interrogation

Define the syndromes as per the eight principles, the substances, the functional relationships between the organs and the guts, the six layers and triple burners

The acupuncture helps to balance blood circulation and energy, to treat diseases, to improve the general condition and the quality of sleep, and to enhance the digestive function of a person. The needles stimulate the reproduction of neurotransmitters and endorphins, improve the blood circulation, and as a result, relieve the tension and the muscle spasms.

Massage Tui-Na (literally means « Push » and « Seize »), prevents diseases, stimulates and help to circulate the inner energy. It can also relieve different types of pains. This energy-boosting massage requires the therapist to adopt various manipulation technics adapted to different parts of the body; hence the therapist needs to possess a reliable and comprehensive knowledge of the meridian and points of the body. 

Qi-Gong unifies mental relaxation, agility, and movement to cure our body so that our spirit settles in with serenity. The core of this discipline is to control the energy « Qi ». Regular exercises of Qi-Gong optimize our cellular functions and enhance our health, as a consequence, extend our life span.

Phytotherapy is a treatment using herbs with preventive and curative attributes for various pathologies. The Chinese pharmacopeia consists of over 300 substances, including plants, roots, seeds, and mushrooms, etc., that is why each prescription for patients is scrupulously elaborated with care as per patients’ pathologies. That is why a doctor needs to possess a holistic analysis of the symptoms, its cause, and nature.